About STA Technical


What we do

Our extensive capabilities and broad expertise mean we work collaboratively with our clients, crafting and delivering intelligent solutions to meet their forecourt needs.


Client feedback


We’ve worked with Warren since his days back at KPS and have always been impressed by his ‘can-do’ attitude. Now heading up STA, he never offers just one solution, and his innovative approach enables us to report back to our clients with several options. Emergency cabinets, dosing boxes and stainless steel sumps are just a few of the projects STA has worked on for us.

Terry Everitt — Gilbarco Veeder-Root


In our business, there’s often last-minute changes to a job, but this never phases the team at STA. They always do their best to get parts to us on time.  Keeping us in the loop at all times also means we know exactly when to schedule in labour to get the job done.

Mark Higgins — MH Fuel Installations

Lots of the work we’ve done with STA has been about improving existing products to meet the needs of the forecourt. These days, the vent frames and offset fill frames we receive from STA arrive on site assembled and fully tested, with any historical issues engineered out. Not only does this ensure we get equipment fit for purpose, but critically reduces the time our installers need to spend on site.

Lee Smith — LS Forecourts


Rather than undertaking large-scale civil works to install a new cradle, we’ve been working with STA to review the pump swap out requirements and developing adapter plates that minimise the amount of on-site alterations to the existing pipework. These plates have become a game changer for us both in terms of the time we spend on site and overall costs.

Barry Onions — Petroassist


Over the years I’ve fitted many adapter plates, but the ones I fitted today are the best quality I’ve ever seen. They only took ten minutes to fit with no drilling out required.

Tom Bindley -  CP Installations

Who we are

Based in Suffolk, we work with leading companies across the petrol forecourt industry, supermarkets and the commercial fuel sector.


Warren Peters

With almost 20 years’ experience, Warren Peters’ first taste of the industry was as a project manager at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. An invitation to head up pipework company KPS Systems in 2008 brought him to East Anglia, and after 8 years as managing director, established STA in 2015.


Craig Woodman

In the workshop, Craig Woodman, is Warren’s right-hand man. Responsible for processing, picking and dispatching, if you need to place an order, Craig’s the man to call.


Matt Simpson

At STA, Matt keeps his eye on the figures and makes sure the financial side of things runs like clockwork.

If you have a query, email him at accounts@statechnical.com


George Barton

Just starting out in the industry, George is STA’s CAD engineer and works closely with Warren and STA’s fabrication partners.


As a small business, we understand the importance of supporting others and are committed to working with and buying from local businesses across Suffolk and East Anglia wherever possible.