bespoke projects

Working collaboratively with clients, we thrive on getting it right.

Working with local and trusted CAD designers, metal fabricators, CNC machinists, specialist coating applicators and more, we thrive on delivering engineered-to-order components that overcome a problem, engineer out issues, engineer in contingency, or simply make life a whole lot easier.


Examples of bespoke projects include:

Adapter plates

Taking the existing pump foot print, and overlaying on the proposed new configuration, we create CAD designed bespoke plates that perfectly fit the new pump arrangement, ensuring the swap over is seamless.


OSF & vent systems

CAD designed, laser cut, fully galvanised and tested, our OSF and vent systems offer flexibility, ease of installation on-site and longevity.


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Pump cradles

Using CAD and state-of-the-art laser profile cutting to produce millimetre perfect pump cradles. We also take care to engineer in transport and safety features including radius corners and adjustable pipe fixing points.


Bespoke cabinets

Whether a fully assembled cabinet to house your tank or pipe monitoring equipment, or a specialist fuel additive dosing cabinet, we can design, develop and manufacture to meet your precise requirements.


Forecourt emergency cabinets

We produce forecourt emergency cabinets for leading supermarket fuel forecourts. With proven design expertise, we’re currently working with Gilbarco to evolve the current design to meet today’s changing needs.